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You can’t put a clock on your needs for health care and for answers. So, I can reach out at any time during the day and get the service that I need.”

Michael H., MHBP member

MHBP Federal health plans

Three plan options, one mission — a healthier you.

Standard Option

Comprehensive coverage at an affordable price

The MHBP Standard Option is setting a higher standard for federal employee health plans at a lower cost.

Consumer Option

Part health plan, part savings account that’s there when you need it

The MHBP Consumer Option is a high-deductible health plan with a health savings account (HSA).

Value Plan

A plan with your health care needs and budget in mind

The MHBP Value Plan is our most affordable plan. It provides you with protection against an unforeseen illness or event.

MHBP has been trusted by Federal and postal employees and retirees from more than 50 years. At the heart of the MHBP is health coverage. We offer three nationwide health plans backed by the strength of the Aetna network.

It’s important to compare. Depending on where you live, there are as many as 250 plan choices in the Federal program. And yearly premiums can vary by more than $10,000 between the highest cost and lowest cost plans. One feature that stands out is our customer service. We have dedicated MHBP representatives available to answer your questions. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except major holidays. You can reach a representative when it’s convenient for you at 800-410-7778.

MHBP offers worldwide coverage. In the 50 United States, we are backed by the strength of a nationwide network from Aetna. The good news is all our MHBP plans offer in and out of network benefits. See the official plan brochure on for full coverage details.

There are no referrals required to see a specialist with any MHBP plan. You have access to one-on-one virtual visits on your computer, phone or mobile app. And we offer many programs and tools to help you reach your personal health goals. Now that you’ve heard the basics, let’s review each of the options. This is just a high-level summary, but you can review all of the plan details that our website,

The Standard Option is our most popular plan. It offers comprehensive coverage at a very affordable price. This plan’s low copayments not only keep your costs down, they make your out-of-pocket expenses more predictable. When you use a network provider, the plan pays 100% for routine services like annual exams, lab tests, immunizations and maternity care.

With low copayments for most services, you know what you’re going to spend. For example, generic drugs from a network pharmacy are just $5. This plan also includes wellness rewards to help you get and stay healthy as you reach your personal health goals. When you need additional services like diagnostic tests or even surgery, the Standard Option’s comprehensive coverage has your back.

Next is our Consumer Option, which offers comprehensive medical coverage and a health savings account. MHBP contributes up to $2,400 tax-free each year for you to use for qualified medical expenses. The money is yours to spend or save.

The Consumer Option covers preventive care at 100%. That means no copayment and no deductible for network providers. So, you can get things like an annual exam, well-child visits, wellness screenings and immunizations at no charge. Once you meet your deductible, you’ll pay low copayments or nothing at all for your covered care.

Finally, we offer the Value Plan. This plan provides simple, affordable coverage to protect you from the unexpected. The Value Plan focuses on affordability, and can be a good choice if you are looking for preventive care and the occasional visit to the doctor’s office, but still need protection from major expenses.

The Value Plan covers preventive care at 100%. That means no copayment, and no deductible for network providers. Other services, like specialist visits or hospitalizations, require copayments. You also have access to dental and vision plans at affordable group rates. You can enroll in this optional coverage throughout the year, even if you don’t have an MHBP health plan. You can also call one of our representatives at 800-254-0227 to ask questions or talk through your options.

The comprehensive dental coverage pays 100% for preventive visits twice a year. There are copayments for other services, which you can review online. The annual benefit maximum is $2,000.

Our vision plan offers nationwide coverage. You can get exams, lenses, contacts and frames for a low copayment. There’s even a discount for laser vision correction.

We realize this is a big decision for you and your family. That’s why we strongly encourage you to compare benefits and rates. Once you’ve done that, we feel confident that MHBP will have a plan for you. The OPM website at has a handy comparison tool, so you can look at your options side by side. Comparing the plans available in your area is important, as yearly premiums vary by more than $10,000. You can also call one of our representatives at 800-410-7778, 24/7 to ask questions or talk through your options.

As a Federal employee, you serve the needs of the country. At MHBP, we take that same care in serving you. Give us a call today and see how we can help.

Have questions? We’re here.

Call 1-800-410-7778 (TTY: 711)
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except certain holidays

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Have questions or need help selecting a plan? We offer multiple ways to get live help. Don’t wait, our friendly representatives are here for you.