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Care management program

Personalized health management support

Condition management customized to you

MHBP offers several types of Care Management (CM) programs that can assist you with your care coordination for your acute or chronic condition.     

The program provides education, clinical support, and access to digital support and well-being tools to help you better manage your health.

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The CM Program offers:

We’re committed to giving you all the support you deserve. That’s why we offer digital, nurse support, and group coaching so you can move easily between the services.

We offer several digital health and wellness related programs and resources:

We’re committed to giving you all the support you deserve.

Our CM Program includes:

Provides support for members dealing with musculoskeletal (MSK) issues, acute and chronic pain, and either taking opioids or trying to avoid them.

The program helps you improve your quality of life by helping you manage and reduce your chronic MSK pain, without surgery or drugs.

If MHBP identifies that there is an opportunity to help you improve your care, you’ll be invited to participate.

Eligible participants will get access to exercise therapy, motivational coaching, one-on-one support and education that is tailored to the participant’s specific needs.

Hinge Health – Back and joint care
MHBP provides resources and support to help you address mental health or behavioral health conditions like anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, domestic violence and more.

Our team will work with you, help you understand your benefits and guide you through the wellness programs we offer.

We’re here to support you, get you connected with a clinical social worker, psychologist or other behavior health professional so you have the right treatment, the best services and resources to manage the daily obstacles that may be keeping you from achieving a healthier happy life.

AbleTo – Digital behavioral health care

Teladoc® Health – Complete care

Provides dedicated proactive support to individuals along their cancer journey.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis is life changing and can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you.

Through our program, individuals will better understand their benefits, locate the right provider for their specific need and get certain services approved.

Individuals will also receive care management support for holistic care, treatment side effects, and medication management.

Offers service and support to members or a family member that have a serious illness or face imminent end-of-life decisions.

The program provides tools and information to encourage advanced planning for the kind of issues often associated with an advanced illness, such as living wills, advance directives, and tips on how to begin conversations about these issues with loved ones.

This program is designed to provide quality of life improvement through timely member and caregiver education.

Our Enhanced Maternity program, provides trusted information and guidance about family planning, maternity support and postpartum care. 

Maven – Enhanced Maternity program

Provides support and educational resources for total knee or hip replacement surgery.

The program gives you the tools and resources you need to prepare for a successful surgery and healthy recovery.

It provides you access to benefit information specific to joint services, holistic overview of pain management options, digital, personalized education on recovery resources, mental and physical health tips and more.

Our social work program is designed to assist you in improving your quality of life by taking steps to help you locate the right resources.

Social Workers can help connect you with community resources that can provide you services in times of need. Some examples include:

  • Local food pantries
  • Utility or rental assistance programs
  • Home-delivered meal services
  • Support groups
  • Counseling services
  • Federal and state programs

Our social workers are licensed and degreed professionals with experience in a variety of settings. This includes government and non-profit organizations, hospitals, schools and clinics.

Helps members keep their diabetes and hypertension under control.

The program uses medical claims, pharmacy claims, biometric screening data, and lab results to identify opportunities to help members improve their health.

Members are provided personal guidance in five areas of focus:
  • Medication adherence
  • Taking the right medication
  • Self-monitoring of blood glucose and blood pressure
  • Lifestyle and comorbidity management
  • Recommended screenings

You don’t need to enroll in this program. If MHBP identifies that there is an opportunity to help you improve your care, we will contact you by phone, letter, email, or even in person by a CVS pharmacist or MinuteClinic® health care provider.

Hello Heart – Hypertension care

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