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Hello Heart

Track and manage your heart health

Take amazing care of your heart.

Your heart works hard for you every single day. Hello Heart is a free program for eligible* MHBP members that makes it easy to give your heart the care it deserves.

With Hello Heart, you can track your blood pressure at home. Receive personalized insights. Share reports with your doctor. And be part of a movement to heart better.

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Hello Heart members take control of their heart health.

Because the Hello Heart app is easy to use, our members understand their blood pressure readings and make lifestyle changes to support their hearts.


What do you get with Hello Heart?

FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor that connects to your smartphone**

Blood pressure, medication, weight, and activity tracking technology

Progress reports that are easy to review or share with your doctor

Instant, clear explanations of what your blood pressure readings mean

Auto-imported lab results from clinics, with personalized explanations

Easy-to-apply personalized coaching tips for maintaining a healthy heart

*Adult members (18+) covered by MHBP who have high blood pressure readings of 130/80 mmHg or above or take blood pressure medication are eligible to enroll for this benefit at no extra cost to them.

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