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Digital behavioral health care

Start feeling and living better today

From therapy to self care, AbleTo empowers you to reach your goals. All from the comfort of home.

Meet 1-on-1 with a coach, licensed therapist, or both who will guide you through a personalized 8-week program proven to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety.* Available for MHBP health plan members as a confidential program.

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Therapy that’s more than just talk

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Personalized Mental Health Care

Developed by industry experts, backed by science

AbleTo’s team of health care leaders and researchers develop high-quality mental health care and AbleTo is accredited by the following independent organizations.

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Start feeling and living better today

If you would like to enroll in this voluntary program, call AbleTo at 1-866-287-1802 (TTY: 711) or visit

During a really difficult time in my life, I was lucky to be connected to AbleTo. I received a special program just for me, and working with my amazing therapist and coach, I was able to find myself again.”

Doug, AbleTo Graduate

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