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The opioid epidemic

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Dealing with chronic pain comes with many issues — and opioid prescriptions can be the most concerning. Opioid use has turned into an epidemic, and the White House has declared it a national emergency. 

“strengthen efforts to avoid opioid misuse and treat addiction by ensuring the widest availability of overdose reversal or ‘rescue’ agents.”

To accomplish this, MHBP will increase member access to Narcan, a lifesaving rescue agent by waiving copayments for Narcan prescriptions.*

Most states have broadened Narcan access laws to widen the availability of Narcan for family, friends and other potential bystanders of overdose. In fact, as of 5/4/2018, 46 states have expanded access to Narcan without individual prescriptions.


*Limit of 4 units per month.

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