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Lab savings program​

Your lab work is covered at no extra cost to you when you use LabCorp® or Quest Diagnostics

The Lab Savings Program is a voluntary program that provides benefits for covered lab services with no out-of-pocket cost* when Quest Diagnostics Inc. or LabCorp** does the testing. 

To obtain 100% laboratory benefit coverage, you MUST present your MHBP ID card when specimens are collected. All lab testing must be performed by Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp.

In addition:

  • Tell your doctor you want Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp to be used for the lab processing
  • If your doctor doesn’t already use Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp, information about one in your area is available at 1-800-377-7220 (Quest Diagnostics) or 1-888-522-2677 (LabCorp). You can also search for a lab savings provider near you from our Find a Provider page.
  • Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp will perform your laboratory tests, and your claim will be processed automatically.
  • You won’t file paperwork or pay an out-of-pocket cost for covered lab tests.

The Lab Savings Program is an optional program. You’re free to use any lab you choose, inside or outside the Network, and receive regular benefits for covered lab services.

* The office visit copayment will apply for services provided by your physician. (Consumer Option members must meet their annual deductible first.)

** Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp® are the labs participating in the Lab Savings Program.

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