Have high blood pressure? Track it for free with Hello Heart

Hello Heart is an easy-to-use program. It helps you track and manage your heart health from the privacy of your own phone. The Hello Heart program is offered at no cost to eligible* MHBP members and includes a no cost blood pressure monitor that connects to an app on your smartphone.**


What do you get with Hello Heart?

  • FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor that connects to your smartphone**
  • Blood pressure, medication, weight, and activity tracking technology
  • Progress reports that are easy to review or share with your doctor
  • Instant, clear explanations of what your blood pressure readings mean
  • Easy-to-apply personalized coaching tips for maintaining a healthy heart
  • Auto-imported lab results from clinics, with personalized explanations


Hello Heart App


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Need help? Email Hello Heart at mhsupport@helloheart.com or call them at 1-(833) 330-0977.

*Adult members (18+) covered by MHBP who have high blood pressure readings of 130/80 mmHg or above or take blood pressure medication are eligible to enroll for this benefit at no extra cost to them.
**A compatible smartphone or tablet (Android 8/iOS 12) is required in order to participate in the Hello Heart program.