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Healthwise® Knowledgebase

Make better health decisions

The Healthwise Knowledgebase offers details about procedures, medications and other health-related issues in language that’s easy to understand. It also gives members access to support groups in their local community.

As an MHBP member, you have access to Healthwise Knowledgebase, one of the most advanced online knowledge databases available, you can:

  • Search for medical terms
  • Find drug descriptions
  • Use the symptom checker to receive insight/direction on any symptom you or a family member may be experiencing
  • Access video files or listen to audio on a variety of health topics

To access the Healthwise Knowledgebase:

  • Log in to you Aetna member website
  • Select “Healthwise Knowledgebase” under “Health Information Tools”
  • You will be directed to the Healthwise Knowledgebase site

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