The reality is, getting the flu shot is more important than ever

Don’t put it off. Set up an appointment today or check if your pharmacy or provider accepts walk-ins.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the seasonal flu virus causes millions of illnesses and thousands of deaths each year. With COVID-19 still very much active around the country, emergency rooms and urgent care clinics are anticipating record number of flu patients during the fall and winter this year. Obtaining a flu shot can help prevent those visits — and thereby, prevent the co-mingling of flu patients and COVID-19 patients, who can infect each other and spread their viruses to other patients and into our communities. You can positively impact your community vaccination rate reducing the demand for COVID-19 testing, as the early symptoms of the flu and COVID-19 are similar: fever, chills, body aches and a cough.

There are new high dose vaccines this flu season for use in adults age 65 an older. Ask your doctor or pharmacist what is best for you. The primary public health goal is to have as many people immunized as possible, to optimize your chances of not getting the flu this season.

MHBP covers the flu vaccine at no cost to you when rendered by a network provider or a vaccine network pharmacy. Your health matters and we are here to help.

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