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Overseas Members

You may be out of the country, but you’re not out of reach of your plan and benefits. Your MHBP coverage goes with you wherever life takes you. Whether you live, work or travel overseas, there’s security in knowing you have a health plan that’s there for you—making things easier and helping you get the care you need.

Call Us Toll-Free, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

You may speak to an overseas team member 24 hours, 7 days a week toll free.

If you’re unable to use the 800 number from your location, you may continue to reach us at 480-445-5106 - anytime around the clock. Or if you prefer, you can contact us by e-mail.

Savings Around the Globe

Here's how your benefits work when you're overseas:

  • Although our network doctors don't have offices overseas, you still save on visits to any doctor or hospital with PPO benefits for covered services
  • You save through our Mail Order Pharmacy and get up to a 90-day supply of prescription drugs if you have an Army Post Office (APO) or Federal Post Office (FPO) address
International Dialing Guide
Country Service Carrier Access Code Toll-Free Number
Anguilla ITFS Cable & Wireless NA 800-356-2422
Australia UIFN Telstra 001 1 800-11432584
Australia UIFN Optus 001 1 800-11432584
Bahamas ITFS Batelco NA 800-356-2422
Bahrain ITFS Batelco NA 8 00-308
Belgium UIFN Belgacom 00 800-11432584
Bermuda UIFN Cable & Wireless 011 800-11432584
Brazil ITFS Embratel NA 0800-891-3869
Chile ITFS Entel NA 1230-020-2023
Costa Rica UIFN ICE 00 800-11432584
El Salvador ITFS CTE NA 800-6106
France UIFN France Telecom 00 800-11432584
Germany UIFN Deutsche Telkcom 00 800-11432584
Greece ITFS OTE Greece NA 00 800-11-009-0766
Hong Kong UIFN HKTI 001 800-11432584
Ireland UIFN EIRCOM 0 0 800-11432584
Israel UIFN Bezeq 014 800-11432584
Israel UIFN Barak ITC 013 800-11432584
Israel UIFN Golden Lines 012 800-11432584
Italy UIFN Telecom Italia 00 800-11432584
Jamaica ITFS C&W Jamaica NA 800-356-2422
Japan UIFN IDC 010 (IDC preselected fixed phones 0061 010 (any fixed, mobile &payphone) 800-11432584
Japan UIFN KDD 010 (KDD preselected fixed phones 001 010 (any fixed, mobile &payphone) 800-11432584
Japan UIFN Japan Telecom 010 (JT preselected fixed phones 0041 010 (any fixed, mobile & payphone) 800-11432584 International Toll-Free Dialing Guide Note: If the country you are located in is not listed below, please contact us at 480-445-5106
Japan UIFN NTT 010 (NTT preselected fixed phones 0033 010 (any fixed, mobile &payphone) 800-11432584
Korea UIFN DACOM 002 800-11432584
Korea UIFN Korea Telecom 001 800-11432584
Korea UIFN ONSE 008 800-11432584
Luxembourg ITFS Luxembourg P&T NA 800-2-4347
Malaysia UIFN Telekom Malaysia 00 800-11432584
Marshall Islands ITFS NTA NA 800-356-2422
Netherlands UIFN SNT Connect 00 800-11432584
New Zealand UIFN TNZI 00 800-11432584
Panama ITFS Cable & Wireless NA 00800-356-2422
Peru ITFS Peru Telefonica NA 0800-51-836
Philippines UIFN Philippines Telecom 00 800-11432584
Poland ITFS TPSA NA 0-0-800-111-1502
Portugal UIFN Marconi 00 800-11432584
Singapore UIFN Singapore Telecom 001 800-11432584
Taiwan UIFN CHT-I 00 800-11432584
Thailand UIFN CAT 001 800-11432584
Turkey ITFS Turk Telecom A.S. NA 00-800-13-009-0766
United Kingdom UIFN BT 00 800-11432584
United Kingdom UIFN MCL 00 800-11432584

Overseas Members Frequently Asked Questions