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Mail order pharmacy benefit

Mail Order Pharmacy Benefit

MHBP offers mail order pharmacy benefits for prescription drugs that you take on an on-going basis. You may also order your prescriptions by mail, internet or phone.

Maintenance and Long-Term Medications

For drugs used to treat conditions such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others, we offer an optional program that allows you to get up to a 90-day refill at a CVS retail pharmacy for the same cost as a mail order pharmacy. If a CVS pharmacy is not available in your area, you’ll need to use the mail-order pharmacy. If you don’t wish to use this program, you must opt out by calling CVS Caremark at 866-623-1441 to ensure there is no delay in receiving your medication.

To Get Mail Order Pharmacy Started

Follow these instructions to get your mail order pharmacy started. The first time you visit the CVS Caremark website, you’ll need to register if you are the enrollee, a covered spouse, or a covered dependent child over the age of 18.

  • Visit the Caremark website
  • Click on the "Participant Registration" link under the “Register and Save” heading
  • New users should complete the Online Pharmacy form, and use MHBP for the group code (previously registered users can enter their Login and Password at the top of the home page)

You can also use Caremark's FastStart® program to enroll:

Enroll in MHBP Prescription Coverage Online

  1. Visit the Caremark website and sign in or register, if necessary
  2. Click on "Start a New Prescription" and then click on "FastStart"
  3. Fill in your information

Enroll in Prescription Coverage by Phone

  1. Call FastStart® toll-free at 800-875-0867 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CT). For TDD assistance, please dial toll-free 800-231-4403.
  2. Let the representative know you wish to fill your prescription through mail service.
  3. Provide the information on your MHBP ID card; the names of your long-term medicines; your doctor’s name and phone number; and your payment information and mailing address.

Submitting Your Prescriptions

If you have a new mail order prescription that you will be using on an ongoing basis, ask your physician to write two prescriptions for you.

  • The first prescription should be for a 30-day supply that you can use right away at a retail pharmacy
  • The second prescription should be used for a three-month supply and should be sent to the mail-order pharmacy

Once you know that you’ll be using this medication on an ongoing basis, send the second prescription to the mail-order pharmacy using the Mail Order Form.

Please note:

  • Follow the instructions on the form carefully to avoid any processing delays
  • Your order will be filled for the exact amount of medication prescribed by your doctor, so please check the quantity on your prescription slip to make sure it is correct
  • Allow three weeks for delivery of your mail order prescriptions

Prescription Drug Coverage Refills

You can order refills by phone, internet or mail. Order about three weeks before your prescription runs out to allow for processing and mailing time. Suggested refill dates will be included on the prescription you receive through mail order. This information will be on the prescription label.

  • Call 866-623-1441 toll-free, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for CAREMARK's fully-automated refill service.
  • You can order refills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the CAREMARK Website
  • When ordering, be ready to provide the enrollee ID number, enrollee date of birth and credit card information
  • To order refills by mail, use the CAREMARK Mail Order Form and enclose a check, credit card information or money order with the request

Please note: All drugs may not be available through the mail order program. For questions about the mail-order prescription drug program, or to ask about specific drugs or medications, please call 800-410-7778

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