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Standard option

Standard Option

Complete coverage at a price that may surprise you. With copays for most services, the MHBP Standard Option will help make your out-of-pocket expenses more predictable.

Standard Option's In-Network Benefits Have You Covered

This is a summary of MHBP Standard Option benefits when you use network providers. Do not rely on this list alone. Not all benefits are shown below.

100% coverage for routine services when you use a doctor that's part of our network, with No Deductible

  • Annual routine physical exam (age 18 and over) and immunizations
  • Covered wellness screenings such as mammograms and cholesterol test
  • Well-child care visits and immunizations
  • Complete maternity care—including inpatient hospital care, pre- and postnatal care and anesthesia
  • You pay nothing for covered lab tests with the Lab Savings Program through Quest Diagnostics®

Predictability for the not-so-routine services

  • $20 adult primary care doctor's office visit copay ($10 for dependent children under age 22)
  • $30 specialist visit copay
  • $5 convenient care center visit copay
  • $5 copay for generic medications from network retail pharmacies
  • $20 copay for chiropractic visits (up to the 26-visit maximum, includes chiropractic and alternative therapies combined)

Comprehensive coverage when you need it most. You pay:

  • $200 copay per inpatient hospital admission and 10% of Plan allowance for ancillary services
  • 10% of Plan allowance for surgical procedures*
  • 10% of Plan Allowance for Lab, X-ray and other Diagnostic tests*
  • *Calendar year deductible applies.

These rates do not apply to all enrollees. If you are in a special enrollment category, please contact the agency that maintains your health benefits enrollment.

2018 Standard Option Rates and Resources
2018 Enrollment Type Federal Employees
Postal Employees
Category 1 Category 2
Self Only – 454 $67.20 $61.16 $55.78 $145.61
Self Plus One – 456 $154.69 $140.77 $128.40 $335.17
Self and Family – 455 $156.18 $142.12 $129.63 $338.39

This is a summary of the MHBP Standard Option. Before making a final decision, please read the official Plan brochure (RI 71-007). All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations and exclusions set forth in the official Plan brochure. A single annual $42 associate membership fee makes all MHBP plans available to you.

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Official Brochure

View the MHBP Standard Option Official Plan Brochure.

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Benefit Summary

Benefit Summary

View the MHBP Standard Option Benefit Summary.

Download Benefit Summary (PDF) »