Retail Pharmacy Information

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Retail Pharmacy Information

When you use a participating network pharmacy, you are only responsible for paying your copayment or coinsurance.You'll also avoid benefit reduction and the hassle of submitting a paper claim, because a network pharmacy submits your claim electronically.

Non-Participating Pharmacies

When you use a non-participating pharmacy, you may have to pay your entire prescription amount up front. Consequently, you will need to file a claim with us for reimbursement using the Pharmacy Claim Form.

Prescriptions filled at a non-network pharmacy may be subject to a benefits reduction. See the Summary of Pharmacy Benefits or the Official Plan Brochure for more details.

Overseas enrollees should note that this benefit reduction does not apply to covered prescriptions filled by overseas pharmacies.

Save money and make the most of your benefit plan by choosing the generic or preferred brand equivalent. Be sure to share the Prescription Drug Guide/Formulary with your physician when a drug is prescribed.

Please note: Prescriptions filled at a non-participating pharmacy are not covered under the MHBP Value Plan or Consumer Option.

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