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Local Union Announcements

Local Union File Update

There is new information in the Local Union Files section for the following Local Unions:

All Locals

March enrollment reports are now available for all Local Unions. These results include open season results, and year to date results through March.

Other Announcements

 Open Season
  • Thanks to all Local Unions representatives for their efforts representing MHBP at health fairs this Open Season.  It looks like it could be close to another record for fairs attended by Union representatives.  Another job well done!
  • Now is the time for feedback on the Open Season process.  Any suggestions, comments or questions should be directed to Brad.  Thanks for the many suggestions that have been implemented over the years. Your voice will be heard. 

Marketing Materials

  • Please review the marketing materials section throughout the month as we will adding more materials as they become available.  Please click on the link above.