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MHBP Value Plan – A Federal Health Insurance Plan

Choosing MHBP has always meant more value for your health care dollar for federal employees and retirees. Our Value Plan is by far one of the most affordable federal insurance health plans available in FEHBP. Value Plan offers a winning combination of low premiums, comprehensive coverage for preventive care and traditional coverage for other care such as doctor's office visits, emergencies and hospitalizations.  Value Plan is also an excellent choice if you or an eligible dependent needs Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC).  To learn more about TCC view the OPM TCC guide, RI 79-27.

MHBP Value Plan Coverage

With Value Plan you have 100% coverage, with no deductible, for these Network benefits...

  • Annual physical exam, screenings and immunizations
  • Women's Preventive Care
  • Primary care doctor visits (after a $30 copay per visit)
  • Convenient care clinic visits (after a $15 copay per visit)
  • Maternity care
  • Well child care and immunizations
  • Lab tests —when you use Quest Diagnostics

And there's more...
  • Outpatient surgery covered at 100% after a $300 facility copay per occurrence
  • Coverage for other doctor’s visits, hospitalization and more
  • Generic prescriptions at a network pharmacy—just a $10 copay and no deductible.

MHBP Value Plan Summary of Benefits

2014 MHBP Value Plan Rates Non-Postal Biweekly Postal Biweekly Category 1

Postal Biweekly Category 2

NPMHU Biweekly

Annuitant Monthly
2014 MHBP Value Plan Rates
Topic Non-Postal Biweekly Postal Biweekly Category 1

Postal Biweekly Category 2

NPMHU Biweekly

Annuitant Monthly
Value Plan Self Only (414) $52.16 $34.43 $45.38 $39.12 $113.02
Value Plan Self & Family (415) $124.36 $82.08 $108.20 $93.27 $269.46

Non-postal rates apply to most non-postal enrollees. If you are in a special enrollment category, refer to the FEHB guide for that category or contact the agency that maintains your health benefits enrollment.

Postal rates apply to career Postal Service employees. Most employees should refer to the FEHB Guide for United States Postal Service Employees, RI 70-2. Different postal rates apply and a special FEHB guide is published for Postal Service Inspectors and Office of Inspector Generl (OIG) employees (see RI 70-2IN).

* Postal rates do not apply to non-career postal employees, postal retirees, or associate members of any postal employee organization who are not career postal employees. Refer to the applicable FEHB Guide.

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